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About us

We are a small south german company, we develop software and offer service around software and IT.

We operate on the Windows platform and manufacture software by the open source method.

Open source software is a main focus of our knowhow. We can guide you with the the specific issues if you are introducing open source software in your company, or if you are already running such software.

Our main product is V4, an order management system for publishers, companies, freelancers and private users. With V4 you can handle orders, sell books and other goods, manage addresses and more. It runs on all Windows PCs.

V4 is running for many years on the pilot customer's machines. Now it is in the state of a radical change: the mature version is written in the older database programming language Paradox, the new version in a modern programming language (.NET/C#/SQL) does not run yet.

Beside this, we operate on some other open source projects, and of course on custom projects not publicly visible.

Greetings from Franconia

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