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The database in a nutshell
Order management for book publishers


  V4 is a piece of software you can download from Internet and run on your Windows PC.   V4 is a preliminary project name and may be altered.


Common Features


-   Order

-   Delivery note

-   Invoice

-   Dispatch note

-   Stocks

-   Back ordered

-   Booking

-   BAG handling

-   Standing order

-   Parking

-   Open items

-   Reminder

-   Remissions


Short:   All a book publisher needs for delivering his books.


Special Features


-   Data stability even under not-stable PCs within a chaotic network.


-   Data input/output not only through the common interactive forms, but also via the very plain command line, or automated by batch files, or from far away by internet forms.


-   Open database plus firstclass commented source code lets you intervene on your own right in exceptional cases or new situations.


Short: A mighty and flexible tool for your individual publishers database.




This animal is a trilobite. It's species name hints the name of the programming language, V4 is written in.

Paradoxides Paradoxissimus
Species Paradoxides Paradoxissimus, an index fossil of the Central Cambrian, 550 bis 515 million years before today. A bug from prehistoric times.



If you like to know more about   V4,   please surf to www.trilo.de or send an e-mail to   Contact. Download the program, thumb the handbook, order a CD version.


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