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Download here your free full version of V4:
(16 MB)
The Windows installation binary. This contains the complete V4-System. Run this program on your Windows computer, and the installation assistent guides you through all steps. The following components are installed:   (1)   Paradox 9 Runtime, the database   (2)   BDE, the network access coordination   (3)   V4, the actual program   (4)   Example company data
(9 MB)
If you have V4 or Paradox 9 (or higher) already installed, this file is sufficient. Unpack it into any directory on your computer, and doubleclick the file Start.ssl to run V4.
For the user manual see http://downtown.trilo.de/vvp-man.html.

To understand, what happens during installation, and which configuration options you have, you have to tell the following components from one another:

  1. Corel Paradox. This is a wide spread database, comparable with e.g. Microsoft Access. With this, tables, forms, reports and so on can be programmed. Perhaps you have already a program based on Paradox, without knowing it. Paradox comes in two flavors:
    1. The Paradox develop version. This is a component of the Corel Wordperfect Suite (about 200 EUR). With this version, you can see the source code of V4 and modify it. You do not need the 16 MB V4 setup program, but the 4 MB source directory is sufficient.
    2. Paradox Runtime, this version is available for free, it is included in the 16 MB V4 setup program. With this you can run the program, but not see the source code nor modify it.
  2. BDE (Borland Database Engine). This is a driver, which works unseen in the underground. It coordinates the network access of different programs on the same tables. Not only Paradox, but many other database products use tables in the Paradox format and rely on the services of the BDE. The BDE might be already installed on your computer, even if you never knew about it.
  3. V4. This is the final product, which you see and drive on the surface, and about what it is all here. If you update from one to the next version of V4, you do not need to install the above described Paradox and BDE components anymore. Your just exchange or add the new directory and use the start script from there.
  4. The company directory. Your data are stored in a directory separate from the program. So you can maintain different companies, and switch from one company to the other, without exiting V4. Typically, you will have one directory with the valuable live data of your real company, and beside this a test company with throwaway data, to learn the program and test things.

And now we wish you much fun with V4! Please mind: This is a brand new product, and surely you will encounter error messages. Do not give up then quickly, but try it again. If you do not succeed, phone us 0 (049) 171 4111494 or send an email to Contact. We will help quickly. And in the next update, you will find that error fixed.

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